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PLANLUX is an independent architectural lighting design studio based in Istanbul and London, established in 2008. As a lighting design practice, we are experienced in developing lighting design concepts in over 400 projects both nationally and internationally, together with supporting various organizations and educational activities working towards the development of lighting design. Planlux works according to the IALD Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

We believe that; ‘Light is as an indispensable part of the architecture, not an insertion. We search and study architectural concept, details and the way we use light in depth to create the ideal atmosphere. We aim for a combination of creativity, efficiency and expertise.
Our team consists of architects, interior architects and an industrial designer. Which helps us reach a better understanding of space, leading us to stronger lighting concepts. To us, each project is unique and requires a personalised focus. For that reason, we are highly attentive and are very committed to developing strong relations with our clients and the teams we are involved with. We believe that teaming up for a better collaboration is the key.

Our priority is to provide a great project experience for our clients and their teams. In order to ensure that we focused on flexible project management processes to prevent as many risks as possible. We are constantly pushing our abilities to help develop the lighting culture by searching for ideal lighting solutions for each case we focus. While we are always looking for new experiences, our current skills lie in hotels, office spaces, retail, shopping malls, social and cultural spaces, such as sports clubs, urban spaces, museums and exhibitions.