O/M, Portugal




O/M combines design and technology to create high quality lighting solutions for diverse venues. Experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge expertise, supported by trusted professional relationships, are applied every day with associated technologies to create products of maximum efficiency.

In half a century of history, O/M has evolved from a craftsman’s into a structured company with factories in Portugal and Brazil. The company then geared toward innovation and energy efficiency, applying the most advanced LED technology to all its new products. The brand’s catalogue has been consolidated to offer customers a variety of options and to provide a diverse and cross-cutting response to market demands. The ranges planned are comprehensive and complemented by formats divided into modules that can be adapted to different applications.

The actions of O/M are reinforced by the human assets who are involved throughout the cycle of design, development and sale. Besides turning to the greatest specialists in the world to remain at the forefront, O/M has highly competent specialist staff, working in multidisciplinary teams, who ensure the efficient management needed to create the tools for great lighting design.
O/M provides the key to a toolbox so versatile, that there is no limit to what the creator can achieve. Developed with scientists, architects, designers and engineers, these are the precision tools to light stories in human spaces.