Occhio, Germany


project IZB boarding house; product ceiling: Duna

project IZB boarding house; product floor: Sento terra LED, ceiling: Più alto

project IZB boarding house; product floor: Sento lettura LED,table: Sento tavolo LED, wall: Sento letto LED, ceiling: Sento filo LED

Occhio is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the lighting sector.

Founded in 1999 by Axel Meise, the company started out with a simple yet revolutionary concept: of creating a multifunctional lighting system with universal design and shape, which offers the optimal solution for every
spatial requirement.

Since then Occhio has continuously developed further and today is synonymous with combining highest quality of light, unique design and efficiency thanks to the use of innovative LED technologies. With its »smart source« concept and the choice of halogen and LED technology the company offers the optimal light source for any application.

Due to its unique, multifunctional concept, Occhio offers comprehensive lighting solutions for private as well as public environments. The clear design elements as well as the high quality materials and surfaces incorporate all Occhio components stylistically and esthetically, harmonizing with up to date design trends and offering the unique possibility, in relation to lighting quality and presentation, to create a continuous appearance in the entire building.

Considering the company claim “light is evolution“, the successful lighting system is continuosuly developed in order to create a perfect solution for every room situation and requirement.The modularity and flexibility of Occhio allow man to be his own lighting designer creating his own living environment.

Based in the heart of Munich, Occhio today has more than 70 employees. Specialist lighting retailers and flagship stores in Munich and Cologne and a London Showstudio, ensure service throughout Europe. Outside of Europe Occhio is increasingly successful in markets like India, Australia and Russia.