NEW URBAN VIEW, Netherlands

Medieval gate Koppelpoort, Amersfoort

Medieval church tower, Amersfoort

Arsenaal, Vlissingen

NEW URBAN VIEW is an independent design and consultancy office for architectural lighting.

Our designs can either be emphasising the beauty of exisiting architecture like of a medieval monument. Respecting its cultural heritage value. Not adding that much, just adding a fantastic 3-D experience.
Or our designs can be adding a whole new perception of a commercial building that needs to be more attractive to customers. Or a traffic tunnel trespassers will be lured to pass through and feel more safely.

Moreover, we take main contracting responsibility for the realisation of the design.

Enlighting the object as an essential element in its environment. Our philosophy is to create a dramatic, theatrical effect. And yes, we also know how to respect the value of darkness. We focus on the details which matter. The sum of details create the typical NEW URBAN VIEW design.