Neon Lighting, Australia

Cooee 2c Cordless Lamp at Sketch London

Albert Cordless Lamp at China Tang Hong Kong

Tall Poppy Cordless Lamp at Cirrus Sydney

NEOZ is an Australian lighting design and manufacturing company headed by industrial designer Peter Ellis, specialising in Cordless Lamps for commercial, hospitality and home environments worldwide. The company factory and design studio are based in Sydney, Australia.

Every NEOZ lamp was carefully conceived by design professionals who specialise in lighting. This is a critical distinction, because it means our lamps are built for function, elegance and longevity. For lighting quality and serviceability.

Since 1995, NEOZ has pioneered cordless lighting and has won many design awards for its innovative lighting systems, including the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award, International Design Award and several Australian Design Awards.

The company strives to design and manufacture quality lighting products that will benefit people and their environments. NEOZ Cordless Lamps today grace literally hundreds of the finest hotels, restaurants, resorts and private homes in over 100 countries of the world.