Melogranoblu, Italy




Conceived and founded in 1997 by Ermanno Rocchi and Massimo Crema, Melogranoblu is an Italian interior lighting company. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of solutions for interior lighting design, suitable for homes or offering more impressive installations for large architectural settings.

Melogranoblu creations are veritable spectacles of light, focusing on the sensory and emotional effect of light through glass.

Design projects in which all forms of glass are conceived and designed according to the effects they can generate through light.

All Melogranoblu designs are conceived, developed, engineered and produced in the company. A structure organised to manage and guarantee “Made in Italy” quality throughout the entire production process.

Unique pieces, the same yet different since they are made with passion by skilled hands that create artworks from glass.

Melogranoblu’s in-house group of designers works in collaboration with the client, developing each specific design idea to achieve a made-to-measure light installation.

Melogranoblu made-to-order designs, all developed and engineered within the company, are delivered to the client complete with detailed instructions to guide easy installation in total safety.