mcdermott baxter light, Australia

Underwater Forest

Luminous Canopy


‘We seek out unusual, dark sites for our work, we are inspired by shadowy places untouched by light & full of mystery’ 

mcdermott baxter light explores the intersection of light and shadow in the urban environments. We are Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter and are part of an emerging movement that matches 21st century technologies and urban spaces through Light Art. We use our background in industrial design,fine art and illumination design to fully explore the potential of materials and technologies. McDermottbaxter light art has featured in exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, USA, New Zealand & Hong Kong.
McDermott Baxter’s instagram #light_thinkers is a visual essay covering both natural and artificial light in buildings, light fittings and natural environments. From our travels, our daily experiences and our own work we look at how light can be functional, delightful, challenging, uplifting, spiritual and emotional.