Luxonic, United Kingdom

The Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen

Hotel Football, Old Trafford

One Angel Square, Manchester

We are the UK’s foremost designer of lighting solutions, and regularly work on some of the most high-profile and design-led commercial, leisure, residential and luxury retail projects.

Our passion for lighting has never been stronger and we want to share that passion with you. As we look to the next 30 years of Luxonic, our motivation remains to grow the relationships that will be responsible for the next generation of smart buildings.

While we are always happy to partner on individual projects, we understand the value in fostering long-term relationships with those who share our commitment to quality design. Our success to date has been driven by that principle and we see it as the cornerstone of our future as a business.

We also know that we can only deliver your vision for a project by having the right people in place to support you. We want our partners to be able to rely on us for honest and proactive consultancy that enables them to achieve their project vision.

To that end, each member of our team puts your vision at the heart of everything they do. Be it designing in optimal efficiency, creating project-specific aesthetics, or delivering transparent performance forecasts, working with Luxonic is designed to be a collaborative experience that benefits all parties.