Lupercales, Spain


Melpilight, Melpignano

IlluminActions, Barcelona

Stratificazioni, Rome is a collective project led by Alberto Barberá, Irene Bas and Paolo Portaluri, three lighting designers based in the city of Barcelona with independent projects and careers that joined architecture photographer Alvaro Valdecantos in 2013 to experiment with temporary actions in public space lighting.

The objective of the group is to develop a personal approach in urban lighting, adapting the new technologies to new forms of practice, with extraordinary attention and care for the human layer of each project, and respect for darkness. We have developed a number of projects in heritage sites and historical town centres, in collaboration with institutions and civic platforms to stay and work together with the social context. Activation of public spaces and collaborative forms of design are concerns that belong to our practice, and that we try to communicate in our workshops and through our educative projects.