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LPA is an organization of lighting specialists established in 1990 by six lighting designers led by Kaoru Mende. The goal of LPA is to design and build outstanding lighting environments that enrich our architectural and lighting culture. Today LPA has more than 57 unique lighting specialists at its offices in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

While the majority of LPA projects are in the area of architectural lighting design, in recent years its many outstanding design accomplishments have reached to residential, hotel, office, commercial, public space, and landscape lighting as well as full-scale urban lighting projects. LPA has become a leading lighting consultancy in the world.

LPA is also the guiding force behind Lighting Detectives, established in 1990 dedicated to the study of lighting culture. Lighting Detectives promotes greater awareness through activities such as Lighting Detectives City Walks and the society’s Salon Series, the activities of Transnational Lighting Detectives Рan international network dedicated to lighting culture, and field surveys of urban lighting environments.