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Light10 Industries, Singapore, is the world’s leading Transmedia Architecture Facade and Engineering Company.
The Company’s capabilities evolve around creating an integrated experiential platform to existing or new building environments. This is accomplished through the converging of cutting edge technologies, inter-disciplinary expertise and cross-platform innovations to deliver ‘smart’ experiences in facade and spatial landscape design.
From external building facades to interior environments, our platform delivers an exciting multi-sensory design unique to the industry. The design enhances emotional connectivity, engagement and even influencing the human senses to an intended experiential outcome.
Developers, architects, consultants, engineers, and professional stakeholders have benefitted from our expertise, experience, and technology solutions. Harnessing a consortium of multi-disciplinary expertise in LED lighting, kinetic engineering, interactive technologies, augmented reality etc., we are able to bring architects and clients’ concepts to an unprecedented level. This is further supplemented by Light10 Industries’ ingenuity in areas of ‘imagineering’ design, and technology integration in building facade engineering.
At Light10, we are… “LARGER THAN LIGHT”
Light10 Industries Pte Ltd is a subsidiary company of Prime Structures Holdings Pte Ltd. Industries