Licht Kunst Licht, Germany

Hotel & Spa Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, Sardon de Duero/Spain

Sayn Iron Works Foundry, Bendorf/Germany

Staedel Museum, Frankfurt/Germany

Licht Kunst Licht was founded in 1991 by Andreas Schulz simultaneously in Bonn and Berlin. Since then, the office has participated in over 600 projects throughout Europe and overseas.

It has more than 200 publications and has received numerous internationally recognized lighting design awards. The field of work encompasses office and administration buildings, museums and cultural sites, governmental projects, transportation structures, shopping centres and private residences.

Artificial and daylighting are treated as equal components by Licht Kunst Licht. At this time, 26 people work in teams on a variety of different design tasks. Their backgrounds include lighting design, architecture, interior architecture, scenography, electrical engineering and product design.