InventDesign, Netherlands

Dynamic Light Surface in house

Stretch ceiling Harbor Hall Amsterdam


InventDesign is an ambitious company that enthusiastically plunges into the world of creative LEDlighting. And we do with success, we would say. Our hunger for innovative products, combined with our experience in a wide variety of controlling options like DMX and Art-net, makes InventDesign an innovative and successful company in the world of creative LED lighting. Flexibility and creativity are our core assets and therefore every project is customizable to our clients demands.

You could say the team of InventDesign is a tad cocky because we think everything is possible until the contrary is proved. We push the limits to meet the demands of our customers. This is not limited to creating the most amazing light effects, but also counts for fast delivery and providing good service. That is what we stand for. We want to help you create the most amazing, astonishing and stylish LED projects. Combine this with high quality products for reasonable prices and you get the result of working with us. Because in the end; if you are happy, we are happy too!