Fagerhult Lighting, United Kingdom



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The Fagerhult company began on a cold winter’s night in December 1943, when Bertil Svensson designed and built a lamp for his mother, so she could continue to knit once the dark, Nordic nights set in.

Today, the Fagerhult Group is one of Europe’s largest light manufacturers, producing professional lighting systems for public environments, both indoors and outdoors, with over
2,200 employees in 22 locations around the world.

By working with a number of leading academic institutions and industry bodies, Fagerhult has positioned itself at the forefront of understanding the impact of light on our lives. Staying true to its Scandinavian design roots, Fagerhult manufactures products that are the result of extensive research and testing.

With a long-term focus on energy efficiency via intelligent lighting controls and advanced LED technology, Fagerhult is constantly working towards flexible solutions that last.

In the UK, Fagerhult provide lighting solutions from ateljé Lyktan, LTS, LED Linear in addition to a nationwide partnership to supply BEGA. By adopting this approach, Fagerhult can support customers not only with a simple, single point of contact but with access to a wide range of industry leading luminaires and control systems.