ETC, Global

ETC Unison Mosaic pixel wall control – Oslo Central Station, Norway

ETC Unison Mosaic & Paradigm control systems and ETC luminaires – Planet J Theme Park, Macau, China

ETC Irideon FPZ & Source Four Mini fixtures – The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism

For decades, ETC has been developing the right tools to meet the challenges of modern-day architectural lighting. Its four lines of architectural control feature reliable, well-supported and easy-to-maintain systems for any venue, from a single room to large museums, massive office complexes, convention centers and theme parks.

ETC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting and rigging equipment for the entertainment and architectural markets. The beginnings of the company are rooted in 1975, when a small group of University of Wisconsin-Madison students thought they could make a better microprocessor-based lighting-control console for theatre. They made one and eventually sold their technology to a major industry company. By the early 80’s, Disney was using a variation of the control system for its parade lighting.

One of the students, Fred Foster, never stopped dreaming. He built the brand and company into the reality it is now: an award-winning corporation that supplies lighting fixtures, lighting-control systems, rigging equipment, architectural systems, power-control products, and networking gear to millions of customers worldwide.

Over the years, ETC has grown through product development and acquisitions to include 1,000 employees working around the globe. Its international headquarters is located in Middleton, Wisconsin, with additional offices in Mazomanie (Wisconsin), New York, Hollywood, Orlando, Squamish (Canada), Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Ede (the Netherlands), Rome, London, Berlin and Holzkirchen (Germany).

Since its beginning, ETC’s mantra has been ‘The show must go on.’ That’s why the company has earned an industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service. In addition to its own renowned service department offering 24/7/365 phone support, ETC has more than 250 authorised service centres throughout the world, staffed by hundreds of certified technicians.

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