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Design LED Products, head-quartered in Livingston, Scotland, is an internationally regarded LED lighting system business focussing on flexible and extremely thin LED lighting solutions for direct illumination and area lighting. Design LED Products offer complete application oriented lighting solutions by combining the unique product advantages with high efficient drivers and state-of-the-art smart controls. The vision of the business is to see light uniquely integrated into people’s lives and to completely transform how they illuminate, experience and impact their environment.

The key to impress with illumination of buildings and transformation of spaces is to create both artistic and functional lighting design elements that are being enjoyed by their visitors. This aesthetic approach can be achieved, when light sources become invisible and do not interfere with architectural structures. Design LED Products’ homogeneous backlighting modules can be easily integrated into the design and architecture, thanks to their thin and flexible nature. With the new connector system, lighting installations are now also protected against ingress from dust and moisture (IP67). Design LED Products can support architects and lighting designers to solve real-life problems of space available, glare and weight considerations for any interior and exterior applications.

Design LED Products’ technology is unique in facilitating tailored and bespoke lighting solutions with total customisation of shape, size, colour and light distribution.