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The name of CMA is the abbreviation of Chan (Zen) Moon Architecture, which reflects the company’s philosophy towards environment and design. CMA pursues the harmonious integration between daylight and artificial light, also between light and shadow. It’s their belief that each project should have a clear principle or discipline to follow from the starting point to the end which helps not only the designers but the normal people to feel the environment at a higher level, either from a point of view on culture or aesthetics.

CMA Lighting is a studio-orientated design firm based in Taipei, operating under the design direction of Mr. Ta-Wei Lin. The company has established a strong connection channel among designers, clients and architects and does its best on “solving problems” whatever encountered instead of producing problems.

In his 25 years of lighting design expertise, Mr. Lin has received several celebrated international awards, including the IALD Award of Excellence (2003) and the Award of Excellence at the International Illumination Awards (2006, 2012). Mr. Lin has also taught lighting design in university for nearly twenty years and has been invited to give talks and lead workshops in Goa, Istanbul, Milan, New Delhi, Seoul, Singapore, Rotterdam, and the Las Vegas Light Fair.

Essay by Mr. Lin and the related CMA projects have been published in the following books:
Detail in Contemporary Lighting Design (Laurence King, 2012 ),
City of Light-Two Centuries of Urban Illumination (Routledge, 2015), and
Smart Light Art-Design and Architecture for Cities (Thames & Hudson, 2015)