Claudia Paz lighting Studio, Peru

Claudia Paz

Light Garden

Interactive Aquarium

Peru National Stadium

We are a design practice based in Lima – Peru, specialized in lighting design.
Our vision is to link art, technology and architecture thru light.
Our constant search to achieve a unique solution for each client integrating architectural lighting design, technology and art, has made our projects to be recognized internationally.

We are passionate about using light to create a link between space and people that allow them to experience an emotional connection, integrating art, architecture and technology. We constantly explore new and creative ways of interaction within light and architecture or urban landscapes to generate emotion and unforgettable memories in the public.

We are a creative group of architects, designers and artists inspired by light. Depending on each project, we invite different professionals to join us in a multidisciplinary team. In our projects we have the collaboration of industrial designers, engineers and programmers of different countries.

Areas of Expertise

• Creative Concept
• Art Direction & Design
• Product Design
• Interactive Concept Design
• Multidisciplinary Project Management
• Production & Fabrication Management
• Installation Management

Core Skills

• Architectural & Landscape Lighting Design
• LEED Evaluation projects
• Interactive Lighting Design, and Product Design
• Art Installations
• Project Management
• Fabrication & Testing
• Content Design & Programing