Catellani & Smith, Italy

workshop-Fil de Fer

silver and golden finish

Fil de Fer

Established in 1989, Catellani & Smith reflects the artistic personality of its founder, Enzo Catellani, carrying out, for almost thirty years, a work that is in continuous evolution, halfway between art and craft.
Enzo Catellani’s lighting creations are objects with a soul, which reveal the importance and unique qualities of a product made ‘by hand’.

The distinctive and personal approach to design, together with advanced research in the field of technology, make Catellani & Smith a leading company in the lighting sector.
Catellani & Smith is also involved in producing special pieces for private and public spaces such as museums, art galleries, shows and events, churches and theatres.

The company’s premises are situated in a stylish office with a view over the hills that surround Bergamo, next to the main workshop, where lamps are produced by skilled artisans in light-filled rooms with wooden floors and terraces covered in jasmine. The Fil de Fer collection, the icon-product by Catellani & Smith, is produced in a dedicated workshop along the Serio River.