Bureau Hindermann, Switzerland

Bureau Hindermann
Bureau Hindermann

Headquarter of Geberit AG

Chandelier “go_guette” for the Tasting Bar at Staatskellerei Zürich

Pendant “pli_able” for the Office of the Carpenter Welz

Bureau Hindermann GmbH is a team of designers and interior designers.

Bureau Hindermann GmbH has been implementing projects in the interior design and product/exhibition design arenas since 2000.

Bureau Hindermann remains synonymous with high quality, the joy of practical application and a certain irony. Their aim is to bring a natural curiosity back into day-to-day life using simple, everyday phenomena. While striving to tackle contemporary problems by taking an innovative approach,
the human factor plays as much of a central role in their work as business management analysis. Every project managed by Bureau Hindermann is based on a thorough analysis of the workflows and communication framework of the individual customer. Consultation is therefore an extremely important aspect. Because the change of direction and fresh image which Bureau Hindermann gives each customer are not meant as mere improvements, but are intended to express, both internally and externally, the customer’s corporate strategy.