BUCK, Germany



Radisson Blu, Old Mill

Hotel Orasac

BUCK is luminaire producer, specialized in architectural and medical lighting, with expanding street and outdoor illumination range.

Founded in 1992, BUCK has had the time and opportunities to acquire vast experience in cooperation with lighting designers, engineers and architects. Mainly oriented to office and medical projects, BUCK has a wide range of completed projects with world’s renowned brands, including retail, pharmaceutical, educational, hospitality, office, medical, street and industrial lighting. Our orientation towards design and exceptional lighting performances pushes the R&D to creating more efficient and more smoothly designed luminaires and lighting systems.
Winner of dozen awards for product design, communication and graphic design (Red dot design award, If design award, Good design award).
BUCK’s unique value chain creates benefits in all segments: ease of application into the lighting design, complete logistic support, simplicity of installation, longevity and visual comfort.