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Bright Green Technology has over 15 years of experience in shedding light on our client’s lighting requirements. We’ve been in the forefront of LED development since 1999.

We are LED lighting experts who help customers all over the world improve the quality of their illumination.

We provide LED systems to illuminate backlit media, signage, retail displays and architectural features. We’ve worked in the most iconic locations, all around the world, for the largest companies and won their trust for outstanding product quality and customer support.

In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, 95% of our customers described our industry knowledge and technical expertise as ‘good or excellent.’ Seeing as we pride ourselves on being ‘engineers first’, that’s exactly what we hoped they’d say.

We never just ‘sell’. Our approach is to look at a project and create the plan that fits – rather than see what’s in the catalogue. We consult, invent, make, install, test, go live and report on ongoing efficiency.

right Green Technology operates from a base close to London. Over 30% of our business comes from international markets.

We are truly global with projects as far apart as the New York Subway, Westfield shopping centres in Australia, backlit advertising in Belgrade and wayfinding for Dubai and Kuala Lumpur Airports.

Our work can be clearly seen in 35 countries with a particular focus on the Middle East– we have completed projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

Our products are designed and specified by our UK engineering team and we understand the requirements of international trade, including certification systems, international payments and worldwide shipping.