mPro – the most advanced, integrated, convertible fire rated LED downlight

Sketch – Aurora’s new recessed adjustable LED spotlight

Eddi – a new adjustable LED spotlight for track or surface mounting

The Aurora Group is an international, privately owned LED lighting and technology organisation. The core values and East-West partnership upon which the Aurora Group was founded continue to underpin the company today. Since its establishment in 1999, the group’s rapid pace of growth has seen cumulative sales in excess of US$1billion.

Aurora has successfully transitioned from a traditional lighting organisation to one at the forefront in the development of smart connected lighting to deliver Value Beyond Illumination. Vertically integrated, the Group, which was awarded Manufacturer of the Year at the Lux Awards 2015, offers services from manufacturing to project delivery under the Aurora and Enlite brands.

Driving towards the next generation of lighting, Lighting 3.0, Aurora is optimising its brands, strategy and product portfolio.

Aurora, the first manufacturer to sign an agreement with Gooee, the IoT platform provider for lighting, is focused on the launch and development of Lighting 3.0, using IoT technology, including ‘Gooee Inside’, to reposition Aurora as lighting’s smartest global brand. Enlite is Aurora’s ‘essentials’ brand, distributed internationally via a trade wholesale network, providing big performance, high quality LED lighting at excellent value.

Dedicated to R&D, engineering, manufacturing and testing of innovative, smart, energy-saving LED solutions, the Groups’ Ji’an City, China, megacentre was officially approved as a Nemko Qualified Laboratory in 2015.

Combined with award winning marketing and distribution, the Group serves projects, trade and OEM/ODM customers through a global network in more than 70 countries.