Aqua Creations Atelier, USA

Aqua Creations

Custom Morning Glory Columns

Nafis restaurant project with custom Dippa, Dippa, Suuria and Suuria Son pendants

Diamond Zooid pendant in custom printed silk in two-toned turquoise

This is Aqua.

Aqua Creations is a combination of artistic values, aesthetics and quality.

Our atelier creates design objects that function as art pieces.The lights are hand made using advanced and sustainable lighting technology. Our upholstery is hand worked and finished like haute couture. The Collections are exclusive and purchased only from Aqua Creations and its worldwide partners. We started the atelier in 1994 working from home. Today, one can see our creations all over the world, from five star hotels to provate yachts and residences. We remain loyal to the same values as when we started. All our pieces are handmade to order by skilled artisans who craft each piece individually, with utmost care and respect for our heritage. Aqua Creations is committed to design and to the production of site specific installations of any scale. We answer the challenges presented by our clients and their designers, working in partnership to realise solutions that turn dreams into reality. It is a joy to see Aqua being a part of many commercial and residential projects all over the world and we commit ourselves to pursuing our goal to create the finest products.