APV Architectural Lighting Design, USA


Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD, USA

Lincoln Academy, Dubai, UAE

Cynergy, Mumbai, India



APV Architectural Lighting Design is an international award winning professional firm founded in 1990.
As a team player, APV begins its development of a successful architectural lighting design projects through a clear understanding and definition of the problem. By creating a flexible solution within economic means, APV helps clients to consider the maintenance and electrical consumption essential to meeting LEED standards. Natural lighting analysis is available and recommended. Through various methods of computer visualization, calculation, building models, state of the art lighting equipment, as well as on site testing, we provide comprehensive and innovative results. Quality lighting design is problem solving with continuous communication throughout all stages of the process. Our architectural lighting services are tailored to clients’ needs. APV is proud to provide clear communication of thoughts and ideas through drawings, mock-ups, images and computer modeling.

We collaborate as a team to produce innovative, cost effective and energy efficient lighting systems. Through integrated design, in-depth analyses and modelling, APV teams up with other professional design disciplines to develop lighting systems that are environmentally friendly and maintenance efficient. APV balances the use of natural and artificial light to bring the best out of architecture. Natural light is a divine source for the human soul. Artificial lighting also needs to address the social and physical requirements of human beings, but most of all to evoke delight.