Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Sweden

Color Wheels, in collaboration with Athanassios Danilof

Heroes, Lilla Alby School, Sunbyberg, Sweden

VIP, Heidenstam School, Uppsala, Sweden

“ I am an artist. I shift from reality to fantasy and back, heading forward, (I think) towards the light. That is my life and my profession. I wish to see light as a companion. We collaborate. We create together.”

Aleksandra Stratimirovic is active in the world of art and light. She is author of the series of permanent light-art installations for various public places (hospitals, school campuses, railway stations, residential areas, etc.). In recent years her artworks were included in art exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, at the Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris and at various institutions in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Tokyo, Osaka, Verona, Singapore, Amsterdam.

Aleksandra has received over the years numerous national and international awards. She is co-founder of the “Lighting Guerrilla” festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, founding member of the “Transnational Lighting Detectives”, founder and artistic director of the event “Belgrade of Light” in Serbia.

Aleksandra Stratimirovic studio is based in Stockholm.