Arcane – Eulum Design

Arcane – Eulum Design

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Eulum Design

Marcus Worthington

In early 2018, lighting solutions integrator, Eulum Design, set out to design and manufacture a module for Lighting OEMs, that would combine the latest in mobile device interfacing wireless control with beam shaping technologies.
The result is the Arcane module, launched in the USA during LEDucation and LightFair 2018, and in Europe at Light & Building 2018.
Arcane receives wireless Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh signals from the Casambi App (interfaced through a smartphone or tablet) to regulate in real time LensVector Beam Shaping technology (to change the beam angle from 10 degrees to 50 degrees with no mechanical moving parts), full dimming control (0-10v, DALI & DMX), colour tuning (from 2700K to 5700K) or colour change (RGBW). Static white LED options are also available.
Arcane is currently capable of producing around 1500 lumens, is available in 80CRi & 90CRi+ packages and, although a remote PSU is required, all of this functionality has been bundled into a package no bigger than 60mm diameter by 38mm depth (97mm if heat sink is included) making it ideal for rapid “retrofitting” into existing Spot and Downlight luminaires.
Eulum’s combined expertise in luminaire and electronics design makes this possible. The Arcane PCB not only hosts the LED chip, but also a card for receiving the Casambi signals as well as driver outputs for all dimming, colour tuning/change and beam shaping functionalities.

By bundling these new technologies into a fully tested and integrated package, not only does Arcane offer previously unavailable design flexibility to lighting designers and ease of control to users of a space, but crucially, enables OEMs to integrate wireless and beam shaping technologies quickly into their portfolios without the need for extensive and costly development.