Anna Sbokou

Founder, ASlight

Anna is founder of ASlight, based in London and Athens, working on local and international
projects for over 10 years. Her work includes high profile exhibitions, leisure, commercial, exterior and residential projects, and theatre productions.
She works independently and collaborates with other designers, such as Zerlina Hughes at studiozna in London, Paula Rainha at synapse in Lisbon and Gustavo Aviles at lighteam in Mexico City, as an independent consultant. She is also frequently participating in international conferences as guest speaker and was teaching at the University of Mexico City.
Anna is currently serving on the Board of Directors of IALD and a member of the IALD European Steering Committee, and is a coordinator of L‐RO.In 2009 she was awarded Young Lighting of the Year by the SLL. In 2014 the project ‘Memorial for the Victims of Violence’ in Mexico City, in collaboration with Lighteam, received an International Lighting Design Award of Excellence by the IALD and an Award of Merit by IES.