Tejas Doshi, CLD, IALD, IES

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, Light & Beyond

Meet Tejas Doshi, Co- Founder and Chief Design Officer at Light & Beyond (Kolkata, India) and professional member of IALD. It was in the year 2016 that he was accredited with CLD (Certified Lighting Designer) and went on to become India’s 1st and only, Asia’s 2nd and World no.17 CLD. He is also reckoned among the top 51 designers in India.

Drawing on more than a decade of industry exposure, Tejas has played a pioneering role in changing the way in which lighting design is perceived in India today.

Light & Beyond’s astounding body of work encompasses residential, commercial and other projects including museums, show apartments, islands (master planning), boutique hotels, branded retail stores and ultra-lounges. Some of the most prestigious inclusions to their portfolio include names like The 42, Kessaku, Hotel Novotel , Gurudwara Sant Kutiya and Main gallery of Victoria Memorial, exterior façade and landscape lighting of the Birla Planetarium (the largest planetarium in Asia and the second largest in the world) among others.

Speaking of Light and Beyond’s substantive legacy, The 42 (Kolkata, India) deserves special mention. The team was entrusted with the job of installing tri-coloured lights at the tallest project in Eastern India on Independence Day (15th August). It took a whopping 360 lights and 960 man hours to forge a tri-coloured spectacle of sorts. They notably battled the most pressing challenge in the form of smog to light up an edifice, which is such a consequential addition to Kolkata’s skyline. The 42 clearly turned out to be a compelling amalgam of aesthetics, creativity and an unmistakable human-centric approach, which defines Doshi’s craft. It stood for an infallible substantiation of his belief that even lighting for under construction buildings can communicate so much!

Doshi and his team have also been roped in by the Bengal Rowing Club, looking forward to refurbishing its swimming pool area to offer an enhanced fine dining and swimming ambience to its guests. It makes for one of the finest clubs and social hubs of Eastern India – complete with a vibrant culinary scene, superior sporting and fitness facilities, carnivals and musical evenings.

They are equally excited to expand their expertise to Calcutta Cricket and Football Club (CC&FC). 2018 marks the 226th year of one of the oldest cricket clubs of the world. Though it primarily started as a cricket institution, today there are a number of other sports like Football, rugby, field hockey, tennis and cycle polo practised here. His team has also been involved in the master planning of an island in Europe along with the lighting of a Super Luxury Yacht.

A true global ambassador of the industry—Tejas has successfully expanded his practice to Kiev, Ukraine and Vienna, Austria. His work continues to garner global acclaim.

On March 1, 2018, Tejas Doshi was named in the 40 under 40 lighting designers in the world.
Notably, this esteemed international program seeks to honour the most gifted lighting designers for their outstanding contribution to the industry.