Mrinalini Ghadiok

Editor, Mondo*arc India / Curator, STIR

Mrinalini Ghadiok is an architect by training, a visualiser by heart and a writer by passion. Having worked in the fields of architecture, lighting design, historical research and writing for more than a decade, Mrinalini is driven by her passion for exceptional design and the narrative that choreographs its experience. Her analytical mind, meticulous nature and attention to detail enable her to identify the finer nuances of what creates unique environments. Imbued by the desire to develop an invigorating platform for showcasing innovation and presenting sterling works, Mrinalini turned towards design journalism.

Having launched mondo*arc India as its editor, Mrinalini has challenged mediocrity to bring to the fore works of inspiration from within India and around the globe. In over three and a half years, the journal under her editorship has created waves in the Indian design community, offering to its readers original content presented in an unparalleled format.

Her additional role with STIR as a curator of design initiatives such as workshops, conferences, presentations, exhibitions and other explorative media, allows Mrinalini to connect directly with fellow designers and professionals of related fields, and create a more interactive environment for them to engage with one another, facilitating much-needed dialogue, discourse and debate.

Mrinalini has presented design ideas and ideologies at various national forums and participated in numerous panel discussions pertaining to design and architecture. Her pedagogical experience includes taking courses for Architectural Design at the undergraduate level and Communication Workshops for both undergraduate and graduate students at eminent universities in India. Co-founding the Rohini Ghadiok Foundation in 2011, Mrinalini also initiated various programs for empowerment through education, bridging the gap between mainstream processes and marginalised students in Indian schools.

From architecture to lighting to writing, to writing about architectural lighting; choreographing design, visuals and words have always been Mrinalini’s work.