Soffione Chandelier – Nexo Luce

Soffione Chandelier – Nexo Luce


Soffione Chandelier

Nexo Luce

MAM Design

The concept behind Soffione Chandelier was developed by MAM Design and engineered by Nexo Luce upon a special request for the Grand Millennium Hotel (Dubai Business Bay, UAE). A 14-metre Murano glass chandelier spans three floors of the hotel main lobby and is composed of seven structured cage clusters, made of steel wires and covered by a total of 140 individually crafted amber glass leaves. The shape of the leaves is realized in four types which allows to assemble them outside the cluster, while the light sources are suspended inside of it. Venetian craftsmen had a challenging task to create every glass leaf by hand following a strict design pattern and to ensure the leaves for each type are the same.

The client’s expectation for Grand Millennium was that the property needs to set a new standard for luxury in the continuously growing Business Bay area of Dubai, as well as live it up with the sophistication of Italian design.