NARGIZA #2 / Knitted series – NARGIZA Design

NARGIZA #2 / Knitted series – NARGIZA Design


NARGIZA #2 / Knitted series


Nargiza Usmanova is a Canada based creative designer and visual artist that explores light in all its forms through colour, vibrancy, ambiance and tone. Her professional experiences span from graphic design, illustration, painting to light installations, performances, interior and wall arts, exhibit design.

NARGIZA #2, Knitted series is a handmade LED light-inspired artwork. It is the second series designed and developed by Nargiza based on knitting. Her passion for experimenting with light features gave her an idea that knitting technology and light could be combined and integrated as decorative accessories in interior design. What seemed impossible due to safety hazards before LED lighting sources comes to life in these series. There’s no limit to colour, style, shape and length which are all customised.

Another aspect of these creations is their duality. With the light turned off they become decorative interior installations. One of a kind shapes add personalised accents to the style and character of any room. And when the light is on everything changes creating a mood setting atmosphere with colour and shadow play.

The lights are available in three diameter sizes of wood rings (280, 235 and 185 mm) with customised colour, length and lighting sources.

Design: NARGIZA Design / January 2017
Designer: Nargiza Usmanova
Material: Yarn, rope, wood rings, metal hooks
Lighting source: LED bulbs (Luminiz, Canada; Deqing Pegasus Lighting, China)