The Common Sense Studio, India

The Common Sense Studio


Index Fair, Mumbai 2014

Index Fair, Mumbai 2014

Index Fair, Mumbai 2014

A Multidisciplinary design studio creating a Magical World which you will like.. and You will not know Why!!

We believe that Design is Just Common Sense in its purest form, which leads us to treat all our designs with difference and passion. Getting design to speak about the project, the Function, Aesthetics but revolving around How we as Humans Feel and Perceive everything around us.

Started by sheer passion about details and creative approach, we perform in fields like :
LIGHTING DESIGN (Architectural)
ART PRODUCTS (Light as a medium)
ART INSTALLATIONS (Light as a medium)

All our designs originate from, a concept generated from the context and the required functions. From the design concept we create a timeless solution that accommodates the needs of the clients and their desires – yet to be discovered.