Studio Sebastian Kite, UK



We will meet in the place where there is no darkness

Sebastian Kite is an installation artist based in London. Exploring the intersection of art, architecture and music, his site-specific installations employ light, sound, projection and performance to illustrate new readings of spaces.

Kite’s immersive environments are created on an architectural scale, rooted in the embodied experience and the immaterial. Placing the audience at the centre of the experience, Kite seeks to disrupt our relationship with the space we live in, demanding a conscious engagement by questioning our perceptions of time.

Often performative, Kite works with choreographers, composers, filmmakers and fashion designers to create a collaborative practice. He has exhibited at Import Projects (Berlin), Saatchi Gallery (London), South Kiosk (London), Wanås Konst (Sweden), Sonica Festival (Glasgow), as well as a diverse range of off-sites such as prisons, bunkers, railway stations and industrial sites.

Trained as an architect at The Glasgow School of Art and Westminster School of Architecture, Kite graduated in 2010. Since then he founded his own installation agency, Kite & Laslett (2010-13), and has worked as Head of Design at design agency Jotta Studio (2014-17). Kite has taught at institutions such as The Bartlett UCL and Westminster School of Architecture and in 2015 received the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award.