Steensen Varming, Copenhagen, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York

Sydney Opera House

Australian War Memorial

67 Albert Avenue

Firm foundations
We strive for technical perfection. We are driven to enable the best building design where functionality and wellbeing are paramount. We demand at least as much from ourselves as our clients and collaborators have come to expect.
We grew up with the Danish design approach to refinement and longevity in our formative years. Since our foundation, in 1933, we have attracted and employed gifted people with a shared ethos and commitment to optimal design solutions. We focus on offering a portfolio of specialist services and high levels of expertise, deliberately maintaining a scale of operation that does not outgrow our talent pool.
We continue to innovate to meet and exceed the needs of the most challenging projects, to consistently deliver positive outcomes. But it’s not all about us. Our reputation, as one of the most respected and awarded building services consultancies, is built on the foundations of inspirational architects, brave clients -and our way of thinking.

Enabling Architecture
Working in close cooperation with architects, engineers, scientists and designers, we have developed the knowledge to seamlessly assimilate form and function, art and technology. We are practitioners in mechanical and electrical engineering, lighting and sustainable designs that enhance spatial design. In addition to the Vitruvian principles of solidity, utility and beauty, we have put in place our own guiding triad to produce intelligent, valuable and elegant solutions. These encompass architectural and urban design, the private, corporate and public sectors, modest upgrades and World Heritage Sites. Our integrated design innovations are often examples of quiet achievement with a profound effect on the success of a project, creating exceptional environments from combinations of active and passive measures. Its populace should not notice our legacy; when the efficient, seamless operation merges elegantly into the whole, we achieve our objective -total architecture.

Thinking Without Borders
Steensen Varming was founded by Niels Steensen and J0rgen Varming in Copenhagen – but the seeds of a global outlook were already sown when J0rgen and his architect father before him, studied in the U.K. Not long after the war ended, the Dublin office opened followed by Edinburgh and London – all preceded by prestigious commissions with competition-winning architects. The Sydney Opera House commission with J0rn Utzon continued this pattern and the Sydney practice opened in 1973. Hong Kong and New York followed in our eightieth year.

We developed through working with Arne Jacobsen, Basil Spence, James Stirling, and other masters of twentieth century architecture, none of whom let geographies restrict their horizons. We remain inspired by our Danish heritage while working with visionary architects and clients, wherever their location. Being global means more than expansion or having a physical presence in different countries – it is a way of thinking.