Moda Light, USA

Global Showroom/Starflex

Super Neon Edge

Ventian Las Vegas

With more than 30 years of experience, Moda Light is recognized as a global power in the Solid State Lighting industry pushing the boundaries of technology, functionality, and innovation. We are dedicated to bringing the best to our clients with superior design.

The strength of our company, now located under the bright lights of Las Vegas, lies within the team that make up Moda Light. We exemplify commitment to excellence in every product and focus on ingenuity to provide an unique advantage of being at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Moda Light produces more than standard fixtures.
We manufacture lighting that is bold, daring, and revolutionary while maintaining an air of refinement, sophistication, and worldliness. We control every aspect of our brand from the inception of our distinct design to our unsurpassed fit and finish crafted in our own factory. The MODA name is sought out by those who seek creative freedom while investing in technology you can trust.