Marcel Dion Lighting Design, Canada

Welland Bridge 13

Brookfield Place, Toronto

Heritage Facade, Toronto

We provide a full range of lighting design services: from interior to exterior, commercial to residential, and from schematic to construction. We design with economically sensible, sustainable, and high quality and performance lighting equipment that are incorporated seamlessly into the design and suitable to the project’s need.

Additionally, we utilize our knowledge of the latest technologies, and techniques which further enhances and strengthen each project. As a result, we strive on research and testing of all potential lighting products, along with continuing education at domestic and international trade shows and educational conferences so that we can be at the forefront on trends and issues pertaining to the lighting industry.

Design Approach

Each project requires its own unique lighting design solution. Projects with multiple functions and components requires a complex approach where the individual lighting needs of each space are addressed while being part of a larger, cohesive solution for the entire project.

Our extensive experience in mix use environments encompasses a wide variety of high profile local and international projects, including retail, public lobbies, lounges, ballrooms, pre-function, restaurants, spas ,conference venues, specialty spaces, and exterior landscape and building facades.


During all phases of the project, we are constantly communicating between all disciples in order to best integrate with the design team to share our ideas and details – a key for successful and continuity through the design process. We work closely with the designers to develop lighting concepts, and at the same time input in how the lighting details can be best integrated into the architectural design.

The collaboration and communication of design ideas are accomplished by using hand and CAD sketches,lighting study renderings, lighting layouts, and PDF markups. The integration of lighting information into the project documentation is done by architectural/design team members and/or electrical engineers.

Lighting studies and analysis are done by using the lighting industry standard software AGI32. This software accurately represents the lighting photometry analysis to confirm light level targets. It also used to perform lighting studies and radiosity renderings that can be distributed to the design team for reference and further design discussions.