Lorna Carmen McNeill


Transforming from Stardust – Birth of the Universe – Flaring Forth


Transforming from Stardust – Galaxy formation – Emerging


Transforming from Stardust – Supernova – Reprocessing

As an artist, Lorna Carmen McNeill works to unite newer light, digital and interactive technologies with fine art and sculpture to create kinetic installations and artworks of all sizes. Her final pieces are the manifestation of extensive sensory experimentation via multiple techniques across drawing, painting and sculpture, exploring corresponding body movements, and a range of animation methods through light and kinetic technologies.

Informed by a previous career as a health professional, through her artwork and teaching Lorna aims to create inspiring spaces and immersive experiences to facilitate others to unlock their creativity and improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. For an artist’s statement, see: www.lornacarmenmcneill.com/about.

She has had works selected, commissioned and exhibited nationally including for Trinity United Reformed Church, The Art Academy, KPMG, Nesta, the Barbican, Womad, Kinetica, the Hospital Club, e-Luminate, Wac Arts, The Curve, The Langley Academy, Canary Wharf, Ugly Duck and St Francis Hospice.

She has been awarded two Arts Council grants to fund Residencies at WAC Arts and most recently at The Langley Academy where she developed fibre-optic light art sculptures and ran a series of innovative creative workshops for young people and adults, linking science, art and self-development through exploring the unfolding cosmological story of our Universe

Lorna is experienced at mentoring groups and individuals. She is a tutor at the Art Academy and for a period managed and developed their Creative Team Building workshop programme for the corporate world, social and charitable groups. She has been involved in a range of collaborative and community development projects as a consultant and to create artwork and environments for specific events or locations.