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Light Bureau is an award-winning Lighting Design & Consulting Studio. Established in 1999 by Practice Principal Paul Traynor, we specialise in Strategic Light Consulting and Project Design & Delivery.

Based in London and Oslo, with a team of international designers, our diversity has been key to our success.

Our value lies in our ability to produce User-Centric Designs whilst meeting the manifold needs of all stakeholders. At the core of our brand and our design approach is what we call Resourceful Creativity. This, in conjunction with execution excellence, is how we produce Light as Craft™. 

Light Bureau has invested substantial time and attention into what we do and we have a firm understanding of how our offer differs from our competitors. We are very clear that what we do is more considered in terms of how we design for the user, considering comfort, safety, orientation and also enjoyment. We curate our designs to optimise our projects economically and technically; this is at the centre of our resourceful creativity. Our core essence – light as craft – refers to how we invest personal as well as professional effort in delivering better projects, even where this means using our physical skills to make a difference.

We take our role as a leading company within our industry seriously, and as such, innovation is an integral part of every project. We see this innovation on two fronts. Firstly, from within the company, all projects are individual and worthy of their own solutions. We are continuously developing ourselves to ensure that we bring fresh, innovative designs to every scheme we do. Secondly we see ourselves not just as design experts, but as an authority on latest technological advances of lighting tools. Here, we push both the market and ourselves to leverage new technologies in in innovative ways for our clients. 

We use light to support architectural objectives for buildings and spaces, helping to create environments that perform to precisely defined criteria. We regard our designs as integral to the experience of each project.

We work collaboratively and design strategically in the first instance, immersing ourselves in the environment, looking at layers and the control of lighting – comfort, glare, feature, accent and then how to combine these elements to a rational and ecological whole. We are continually assessing, learning from principles and techniques that prove successful for our projects.