KGM Architectural Lighting, Inc, USA

Hyundai Capital Convention Hall

Santa Monica Place

Private Residence in Los Angeles, California

Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting, Inc. (KGM) is a Los Angeles based architectural lighting design firm with offices in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Established in 1985, KGM provides lighting design services to a variety of market sectors worldwide.

Spaces are defined by light. This is accomplished by completely understanding the architectural concepts and complexities of any given project, evaluating various possible design solutions, and ultimately developing a lighting scheme that is fully integrated, cost effective and functional. Ongoing collaboration with the team during the design process enables lighting to actually become incorporated into the architecture, adding sophistication and strength to the overall design of the project.

Lighting certified, licensed architects, LEED accredited professionals, award recipients, and members of AIA and IALD comprise the talented individuals of KGM Architectural Lighting. State-of-the-art equipment provides the tools necessary to perform photometric studies, produce renderings of proposed lighting effects and develop documents utilizing the most current AutoCAD, Revit, AGI32, and Adobe software, while providing FTP capabilities. This technical backbone provides our design team the ability to work on local and international projects both creatively and efficiently. Our collaborative approach is an integral process focusing on professionalism and timeliness throughout the design process.

With dedication and determination, Mike, Dave, Martin and Dan have worked diligently to build KGM into a reputable architectural lighting design firm. There is a fundamental belief that the firm must always improve, do better work, develop and generate an environment which fosters creativity. They have inspired other firms to follow the architectural paradigm by building their practices on the model of an architecture studio. Their ‘team player’ approach and enjoyment of the design process provides an atmosphere conducive to personal and professional growth.

One of KGM’s more important attributes is the ability to create unique lighting environments while maintaining compliance with Title 24, California’s stringent energy code, attaining LEED certification, and adhering to ASHRAE standards and regulations. Equipment selections are based on their relative fitness for an intended purpose at a particular price point. Excellent lighting design is essential for a great building to work as intended, to create visual impact and provide an extraordinary place.

Light is an emotionally stirring medium, capable of dynamically transforming a daytime environment into an evening icon. It is in this spirit that KGM pursues the goal of creating unique environments, atmospheres and excellence in lighting. Our diverse experience with many building types and broad geographical project locations has fostered a wealth of experiential knowledge we can apply to your project.