Billund International Airport

St Bedes School East Sussex (Photography – Martin Gardner)

Retail Project Pulkovo Russia

JPLD is a UK based lighting design practice with a global prescence and portfolio of projects.

Our main specialism is in the creative illumination of internal and external spaces and the manipulation of light to achieve stunning effects and schemes on both a temporary and permanent basis.

We have designed and implemented permanent and temporary lighting schemes for a broad spectrum of clients and projects throughout the UK, Europe, Middle & Far East and America.

Ever conscious of the fragile world around us we also strive to minimise the environmental impact of our designs, projects and actions and in turn, that of our clients.

JPLD Staff have been working as independent lighting designers since the late 90’s.

We continue to apply and approach, which encompasses great creativity with a grounded realism and ability to deliver. The awards and recognition we have received both in-house and as an integral part of a larger team are testament to this.

From private residences, one off art pieces and specialist gallery spaces, to international airports, 7 Star hotels, leisure, retail and entertainment complexes across the globe, the JPLD team continually strive to remain at the forefront of modern day lighting consultancies.

Our combined backgrounds result in lighting schemes which are developed from a thorough understanding of spacial and three-dimensional design coupled with a fundamental appreciation and respect for the seemingly infinite possibilities that the medium of light offers.

Be it an intimate and highly personal private commission or a lighting strategy for an entire city the team at JPLD have a proven track record with a diverse and enviable portfolio of projects and clients.