Jessica Lloyd-Jones, United Kingdom

Light Wheel

Solar Chroma

Spectral Shift

Jessica Lloyd-Jones is a visual artist working at the intersection of art and science – investigating concepts of energy and natural phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light to provide new perspectives on the world in which we live.

Her interest in how energy is transferred and stored has led the artist to explore its role in both the natural environment and modern technology. Experimenting with the physical properties of materials and the intangible nature of light, the artist explores a dialogue between the material and non-material world, often employing elements of illumination to evoke active sensory experience.

The artist enjoys collaborating with specialists in varying fields of research to gain insight into scientific processes which she adapts and reinterprets in creative ways. She expresses that ‘by revealing the invisible we extend the boundaries of our experience of the world around us and in turn liberate our imagination’

In her sculptural work, Jessica often creates physical forms as ‘containers’ of light conveying the human desire to capture and store energy, while her site-specific creations focus on the interaction and engagement of work within public space. Her large-scale public art projects are ambitious works that have attracted international attention, reinterpreting site and meaning through imaginative and unconventional approaches. Recent public artworks for Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre Bangor, explore colour and pattern via the interaction of optical materials and processes.

Art and creativity has the power to alter perceptions and find beauty in the most mundane of things. If our interaction with the world is a reflection of the quality of life we lead, Lloyd-Jones is an artist whose work challenges us to seek out new ways of seeing and experiencing.

Jessica Lloyd-Jones is a visual artist based in North Wales, with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University 2005 and MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007.

Alongside exhibiting nationally and internationally, Lloyd-Jones has developed her work extensively in public art including a large scale mapping projection for Blinc at Adelaide Festival, Australia 2015, a wind responsive architectural lighting design for Plas Heli Welsh National Sailing Academy 2016 and more recently – five newly commissioned artworks for the £40m Pontio arts and innovation centre at Bangor University, North Wales.