Gonzalo Bascuñan

Flawless – Brightness of Nature/ Amsterdam Light Festival 2015, NL

Half Body/ Huis Marseille Museum/ Amsterdam.NL

Mercedes Benz – Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016, Karim Adduchi, NL

Chilean born light artist and freelance Designer raised in Santiago; took art and design classes in Valencia, and graduated in Industrial Design in Santiago of Chile. Later he worked as a creative designer in Leipzig and started a Master’ Degree in Product Service System Design at Politecnico di Milano.

His research in new technologies and materials to complete the development of concepts has been characterizing his work as, for example, the use of light as a medium to delineate three dimensional spaces, creating room-filling volumetric form using the most minimal of means.

Despite this relationship to the built environment and to the practice of drawing, his work has been said to conjure up references to architecture, design and light sculptures. He currently lives in Milan after been working for Kossmann Dejong Exhibition Architects designing part of the Terminal 2 at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.