Gilbert Moity Lighting Art Projects, France

gilbert moity

“Colorama” Shopping Center Les 4Temps – Paris La Défense

“Variations” Incity Tower – Lyon

“Rainbow Cub” Cultural Center A.Dobel – Paris

“Light is the source of beauty and life, but it is also an extraordinary tool”.

Born in 1965, Gilbert Moity has built a free and open approach to lighting through design,
lighting of architectural works and various other artistic installations and mass public events.
He works and exchanges experiences with a variety of craftsmen with whom
he constantly explores technologies and materials that generate new creations.
Pushing the limits of high technologies towards engineering for each new project,
night is his realm of expression where he stages his fictions, using light as the main vehicle of expression.
It’s with a spirit of liberty that he alters, metamorphoses and invents urban landscapes making
them narrative seeking to capture the immaterial.