DoublEdge Design, USA


Thames Street Wharf, Baltimore MD

Redwood Towers, Baltimore MD

Graduate Student Housing Community at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore MD

DoublEdge was founded in an effort to bring together the artistic or theatrical elements that lighting provides with the science of lighting to tackle the aesthetic and environmental challenges shaping our built environment and the human experience.

We strive to provide a project with innovative and practical design solutions that improve visibility, create atmosphere, direct visual focus, reveal color/texture accurately, inspire community and harmonize with surroundings.

Lighting is a discipline that requires the integration of art, science, and business. Its implications go far beyond the obvious elements of visibility and lighting levels. We consider ourselves always a student, researching, assimilating and applying the evolutionary and revolutionary aspects of lighting as an art and a science. Our knowledge of lighting hardware, creativity, and our understanding of human physiology and psychology, all combine to create environments that are successfully illuminated.