Cooledge Lighting, Canada



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Imagine the concept of transforming light from a bulb in a fixture to a material that is flexible and modular; imagine a material light that can be shaped and sized for broad ranges of illumination. A group of LED technology veterans experimenting with innovative ways to combine reliable, commercial LEDs and innovative substrates did, and in 2009 in Vancouver Canada, Cooledge was born to materialize light


The company’s founders recognized that in addition to making lighting more efficient, there was an opportunity to advance architectural lighting by using new technologies in ways that could capitalize on widely ignored characteristics of LEDs: their small size and their high efficiency when under-driven, which results in easily managed operating temperatures. While others adapted LEDs for retrofit into traditional formats, Cooledge challenged convention by discovering new ways to integrate light into space.


Cooledge understands that by changing the physical dimensions of light, creatives will be able to transform the environments they design in new and unexpected ways. New flexibility in where and how you position light allows spaces to be transformed from a design perspective and from a construction perspective. Material light is a sustainable choice that is energy efficient and requires far less raw material to produce. The overall installation process is simpler and projects are more cost effectively built.


The company’s first product was introduced in 2013 and received the Design Excellence Award from LIGHTFAIR International for its innovative approach and for advancing the state of the art in lighting. In the following years, Cooledge continued to evolve its product portfolio. Today, its TILE and LINE solutions illuminate walls, ceilings, displays and perimeters across environments around the world. Cooledge is backed by both venture capital and grants from the Canadian Government through the SDTC program.

Materializing Light – Summary

Cooledge is changing the way light is materialized and integrated in architectural design, offering creatives the ability to transform the environments they design in new and unexpected ways. Its evolving portfolio includes both TILE and LINE solutions that allow architects and designers to re-imagine how and where they use light. Cooledge is widely used for luminous surfaces and very low profile installations in retail, office, entertainment, and hospitality environments around the world.

Introduced in 2013, Cooledge’s lighting material has received broad industry recognition with a Design Excellence Award for its innovative approach to advancing the state-of-the-art in lighting, Best in Show 2015 from GlobalShop as a retail illumination product, and most recently the Architecture + Innovation Award at Light + Building in 2016. Cooledge’s flexible LED lighting solutions are sustainable and energy efficient, and simplify the selection, specification and installation processes.