CLICKON studio

Royal Hideaway Corales Resort

Bungalows Cordial Biarritz

Fachada Calle Triana

The concept of space in our imaginary is linked to extension, to shape. From the sidereal space that evokes infinite, to the vital space of a human being, there is only one step, the one that leads us from the unapproachable to the approachable. But the way in which space becomes perceptible in it´s infinite variations, is only possible with the unavoidable presence of light.

It is the overwhelming intensity of light, that floods a room with the force of the desert sun, but that same light modulated in to shadows will turn the space intimate and reflexive. That is why to each lighting proposal, will correspond it´s own experiential space, to each use will correspond a concept and to each concept a function.

Current lighting design projects have to integrate ductile proposals that are not exclusive, integral solutions, harmonic, that combine comfort and efficiency. That is our proposal, our passion…