Catellani & Smith, Italy

More, standong lamp IP65

Jackie O and Lederam W at ‘Casual’ restaurant by Enrico Bartolini

Lederam S2

Catellani & Smith was founded in 1989 by the designer Enzo Catellani. The value of a craftsmanship born from the story of the meeting between a blacksmith and Logan Smith has been evolving for over 25 years, always keeping abreast of the last innovative technologies.

Enzo Catellani’s creativity for Catellani & Smith is displayed in various collections and each lamp is manufactured in its workshops with special care, to mark the uniqueness of a hand-made article.
The company can also manufacture bespoke lighting fittings in its artistic and unique style; it has always been involved in developing technical lighting projects in cooperation with professionals and in designing custom solutions for both public and public spaces.