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Arboreal Lightning

Mobile Orchard


atmos is an award-winning multidisciplinary art+architecture+design practice (est. 2007) that works internationally across scales and media – from small-scale product-design to large-scale master-plans, with core expertise in public installations and bespoke residential environments.

Their work centres on innovative sculptural designs that often incorporate cutting-edge digital fabrication and data mapping. They create work addressing all the senses, with projects that reward close inspection yet abide in the memory, merging meaning and sensuality. They balance big ideas with an intimate attention to detail.

Their core artistic work centres on a mixture of lighting and data, interactivity and ergonomics, encouraging the participation of visitors to create extraordinary moments and environments. Their residential designs are ceaselessly innovative, creating clever, articulated, organic and sculptural spaces that incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies, and conjure magic from constraints.

They have exhibited widely and been widely published on TV (BBC, Channel 4), in national newspapers (Financial Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, etc.) and international design magazines (Icon, Dezeen, Wallpaper, WIRED, Blueprint etc.). Director Alex Haw writes and lectures widely, and runs a weekly exploration of world food (Latitudinal Cuisine).

Atmos director Alex Haw graduated with a Fulbright from Princeton and a 1st from the Bartlett, and has taught Masters Studios at the Architectural Association, the Royal College of Art and TU Vienna. He runs Latitudinal Cuisine – a collaborative community systematically exploring global food (360 degrees in 360 days) through weekly crowdsourced dinners. He writes and lectures widely and played the lead psycho in Chris Nolan’s 1st feature film, Following. /– / / /