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ÅF Lighting

The Svindersvik Bridge, Sweden

The Well, Norway

House of Music Aalborg, Denmark

ÅF Lighting is at the forefront of the professional lighting design business. With thirty years of experience, and many award-winning projects, we are currently one of the largest lighting design offices in the world.

We believe that it takes a multidisciplinary team to create solutions capable of meeting the challenges of a complex globalised world. Our team consists of 84 dedicated employees including designers, architects, engineers, planners, experts in art and cultural history, 3D specialists and experts in economy, and communication. Our diversified group is able to offer an exceptionally broad range of services and competencies. We make sure that there is a good balance between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Our Design Approach
Innovation and attention to detail is at the core of our design process and we always aim to establish a strong conceptual basis linked to the specific site conditions and user needs. Our work is based on the characteristics and qualities of the Scandinavian design heritage and inspiration from contemporary life.

What We Offer:
Depending on the requirements of your project, we assemble the relevant competencies from our team and devote a skilled project manager to supervise the project from initiation to implementation.

Our services are organised in four business areas:
Architectural Lighting
Infrastructure Lighting
Lighting Masterplanning
Specialist Services